What is andros?

You may have noticed we did a little redecorating around here recently. But when you take two well-respected, established brands like Credsimple and Glenridge Health and merge them, you create something altogether new; a company that requires its own identity. In that spirit, you may be wondering: what is andros?

Well, the story of andros is a story of symbiosis, and a window into a new vision for building and maintaining provider networks in healthcare.

andros takes its name from one of the largest barrier reefs on Earth. As a metaphor, we were drawn to the concept of ecosystems, thriving on diversity to sustain millions of unique lifeforms. Because what is healthcare if not a system forged for the purpose of each individual’s ability to thrive?

Taken as an individual, a piece of coral is nothing but an invertebrate floating aimlessly in an ocean. Yet when connected to other coral, structures form. Entire colonies are created that serve as interconnected landscapes capable of fostering flourishing populations of marine life.

It is this concept that emblematizes not only the merger of Credsimple and Glenridge Health, but also andros and our approach to serving the healthcare industry by developing cutting edge technology, the andros a* platform, that will transform how provider networks are developed and managed.

Our Data Runs Deep

Without context and a relationship to other points, a piece of data is meaningless. Yet when millions of data points from hundreds of sources are taken as a whole, connections and patterns form. It’s these connections that create intelligent insights that enable the andros a* platform to function. And it’s a continued growth of provider networks that enables the platform to get better by the day.

By administering a curated repository of provider network data, andros is able to create insights and forecasts never before seen in the industry. Our provider data management platform can be deployed quickly to inform all decision points and actions within the provider network sphere, from analyzing a market into which a health plan is hoping to expand, to identifying and targeting the best providers within that network, credentialing those providers as efficiently as possible, and maintaining health plan network adequacy and optimization once it’s off the ground.

The Intelligent Data Ecosystem

The andros a* platform treats data as an ecosystem unto itself. Meaning, we offer data inputs gleaned from the networks we build and the market research we perform, and the platform builds the connections that make sense of it all. This intelligent automation finds efficiencies in networks that wouldn’t be readily apparent by even the most seasoned expert in provider network architecture.

By drawing from such a well-curated pool of data points, our platform is able to create repeatable results that can be deployed to inform provider network decisions at every level, at every stage of the development process. Whether a provider network is still in an exploratory phase or after it’s been operating for years, our platform can identify weaknesses which can be remedied to create networks built to last.

The Network Effect

The andros a* platform continually benefits from communal intelligence. This concept is what we call the “network effect”. As our data repository grows, the cumulative effect benefits everybody. Patterns form, which creates the insights needed to tailor provider network development and credentialing strategies to our clients’ needs based on product type, governmental regulation, and more. By joining andros, clients enter our ecosystem; and the water is quite nice.

Another benefit of the network effect is that the andros data repository is indiscriminate. Our platform can be deployed for Medicare Advantage network adequacy as easily as it can be deployed for provider network contracting for a state’s Department of Veterans’ Affairs or provider network recruiting for an emerging behavioral health startup. All of our intelligently curated data is valuable for its cumulative effect.

We are andros.


Though we may have gotten a new paint job, the bones of what makes andros—the hard-working teams behind Credsimple and Glenridge Health—remain as strong as ever. As we grow, and our networks thrive, we are creating the ecosystems, like our namesake, that strive to sustain life. We are andros. We welcome you to our ecosystem.

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