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Navigating healthcare compliance is tough. Most organizations face the risk of non-compliance, in-house expertise gaps, and inadequate policies due to inefficient credentialing workflows. These challenges not only jeopardize compliance but can also delay essential services that patients rely on. Enter andros Compliance Services!

andros is excited to launch two key compliance services designed to streamline your workflows and reduce compliance risk. Our tailor-made services cut through the complexity, ensuring you operate more efficiently.

The andros Advantage

We take the manual burden off your team. By leveraging our deep provider data in the a* platform, we can credential thousands of healthcare provider applications far faster than in-house teams or other CVOs. This helps you streamline processes, reduce overhead, and increase data accuracy. We make it simple for our clients with our optimized process. Additionally, our success is bolstered by our expertise in compliance; our technology platform and credentialing services are designed to integrate seamlessly with effective, efficient, and scalable compliance programs.

Compliance Services for Provider Organizations:

Delegated Entity Support
Preparing provider organizations to become delegated with health plans and other payers. Provide support in the completion of audit tools including review of policies and procedures, assisting with responses to credentialing questions from payers, and providing industry experience and insight during the delegation contracting process.

Compliance Foundations
Assistance with creation or review of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with industry standards. Support with establishing NPDB access, including creation and review of peer review policy. Additional customized solutions to including, but not limited to, staff education and training.

Compliance Services for Payers:

Delegated Audits 
Perform pre- and annual delegation audits on behalf of clients. Includes reviewing policies and procedures, credentialing files, committee minutes and ongoing monitoring logs, and preparing an audit summary.

Ongoing Compliance Support 
Overall consultative support on credentialing best practices, industry trends, accreditation, and regulatory body compliance including audit support. 1:1 consultations and the flexibility to have questions answered promptly through email correspondence.

Special Projects
Expert, tailored compliance assistance with process improvement. Designing and executing custom initiatives including, but not limited to, staff education and training and achieving overall compliance and credentialing industry best practices.

Discover What andros Can Do for You

Are you ready to enhance your compliance and supercharge your workflows? Partner with andros. We are here to guide, support and empower you every step of the way. 

Charting a New Course in Healthcare Compliance: A Spotlight on Our Latest Offerings

In an ever-changing healthcare landscape, compliance isn’t just a protocol—it’s the cornerstone of trust, bridging patient care and the intricate workings of organizational operations. Think of it not just as a rulebook, but as a silent sentinel, carefully preserving the integrity and security of healthcare practices against a backdrop of evolving standards and regulations…..

The andros team and their level of engagement is second to none. They are knowledgeable and approachable, and have collaborated with us to find the right solutions for our plan.
I have been working with andros now for two years. As my first experience with a CVO company I have been very impressed. If you have delegated credentialing I highly recommend this company. They are always available to jump on a call and answer any questions I have quickly regarding any matters. The system itself is easy to use and provider data is stored in a very user friendly way. They are constantly making updates and improvements to the system- so you know they are listening to their customers.
andros and their team have provided us with top notch assistance, communication, and guidance since day one. Whether it’s turning around providers to complete verification or answering one of our many questions, we know andros always strives to provide exceptional service to their clients and would recommend them to anyone looking for a CVO service!

By choosing andros Compliance Services, you’re making the smart choice to navigate the complex world of healthcare compliance with ease. Our expertise and dedication to your success make us the ideal partner for your compliance needs.

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Meet Our Compliance Expert:
Mark Hirschhorn

Meet Mark Hirschhorn, the Director of Compliance at andros. Mark has been an integral member of the andros team since 2019, working closely with all departments to ensure compliance with NCQA standards and measures. 

Meet Our Compliance Expert:
Jamie Kates

Meet Jamie Kates, the Senior Compliance Manager at andros. Jamie is responsible for on-going compliance throughout the organization. She leads the delegated audit programs for andros’ clients as well as internal audits.

Unlocking The Power Of Delegated Credentialing: A Real-World Success Story!