Network Development

An End-to-End Process

We utilize androsCompass* to seamlessly collaborate and build the networks of the future. Organizations who utilize our platform operate more efficiently, serve their members more effectively, and are more competitive in the marketplace.

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Market Assessment

Surveying the Landscape

When building a new network or expanding an existing one, the first step is to assess the viability of the target market. Our platform analyzes key data points to determine if you can be successful before you begin. You save time and resources and ensure that you’re making the right move.

Market Assessment

The Right Providers at the Right Time

Armed with a comprehensive knowledge of the provider landscape, we utilize our data repository and machine learning to identify and prioritize the most desirable providers and facilities for your network. Our recruiting process continuously evolves, bolstered by our ability to model provider data and reprioritize the ideal targets that will give you the fastest path to adequacy and ensure speed-to-market.

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Real-Time Provider Response Rates

andros can manage as much, or as little of the provider contracting process as you require. Our dynamic contracting application integrates seamlessly with your team to manage outreach and track real-time provider response rates. The reporting capabilities ensure that your team has easy access to project and provider status dashboards, so you can make informed go/no-go decisions for markets that may be at-risk of reaching compliance.

Data Management

Intelligent Data Management

With contracts accepted, andros works diligently to build a robust, verifiable database of provider information. Our team collects, manages, and transfers provider contracting, adequacy, and demographic data to your directory. This verified data helps ensure that your network directory is error-free, complete, compliant, and ready for filing.

Data Management

Automated for Real, Rapid Results

Our innovative approach to credentialing represents a sea of change for the healthcare industry. By removing the tedious, error-prone manual processes of the past, we’re able to achieve nearly infinitely scalable NCQA provider credentialing in less than 14 days on thousands of files. Using androsCredentialing*, you’ll avoid missing key filing deadlines or incurring unnecessary costs, all while keeping providers happy.

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Our suite of services is designed to adapt to your needs. For any step in your provider network management process, we have a solution to help your team achieve greatness. Schedule some time with an andros expert today and find out what we can do for you.

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