Provider Network Adequacy Monitoring

Achieving Network Adequacy for Your Healthy Provider Ecosystem

Automated, full-time network monitoring combined with data-learning ensures that your provider network remains complete and compliant once it’s active. We’re here to help you thrive.

How It Works

Achieving Provider Network Adequacy & Monitoring Compliance in 4 Steps

Think of andros as an extension of your team, connecting the lines of communication among disparate departments so we’re all working towards the same goal: a provider network functioning at peak performance. Compliance monitoring is accomplished in 4 simple, but significant steps.

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Step 1

Testing for Adequacy & Compliance

First things first, our team takes a look at your full provider network to identify any potential issues that may threaten your networks’ state or federal adequacy compliance. Avoiding these issues means avoiding fines and penalties that can threaten your plan’s long-term success.

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Step 1
Step 2

Filling the Gaps

Once we’ve identified the gaps, we identify and prioritize the providers who will be the most suitable replacements. But this isn’t just about ensuring compliance — our platform identifies the most desirable providers to help make your network as efficient as it can be to best serve members.

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Step 2
Step 3

Recruiting and Contracting

Our team of specialized professionals manage the recruiting and contracting phase on your behalf, putting our data to work to determine the right rates and taking a transparent, tech-first approach to facilitate communication among all stakeholders.

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Step 4

Handling the Admin

With top-tier providers primed for the network, the final phase of network maintenance is nearly complete. If required, our team can prepare new HSD tables to Medicare specifications, ensuring that they are complete, compliant, and on time. andros makes this complicated process faster and error free.

Step 4


Keeping Your Medicare Advantage Network Compliant

As CMS continues to closely monitor Medicare Advantage plans, health plans must maintain network adequacy on all existing provider networks, or risk fines and penalties that can hinder their ability to succeed in the marketplace. MA plans that practice regular compliance monitoring eliminate the possibility of violating CMS Network Adequacy rules. Additionally, these plans improve member satisfaction, protect Star Ratings, enhance provider engagement, and improve their overall market position.

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