Healthcare Provider Credentialing​

Trusted CVO services powered by exclusive technology

Eliminate antiquated processes and drastically reduce the manual labor and operating costs typically necessary for healthcare provider credentialing. 

NCQA-Certified CVO credentialing for over 7 million healthcare providers, and counting.

Trusted Turnaround

The Andros platform enables healthcare provider credentialing workflows up to 10 times faster than industry averages. Our CVO credentialing services reduce overhead and ensure accuracy every step of the way.  Andros clients experience super fast turnaround times on thousands of complete files, with transparency all along the way. In addition to primary source verification, we also offer monitoring and network approval management services.

Fully NCQA-Certified CVO

Our platform offers the strictest level of NCQA certification available. With such rigorous standards applied to every file, we drastically reduce errors and audit risks — so you can be reassured that your network quality is exceptional. Combining speed with NCQA certification ensures that credentialing meets the needs of health plans, providers, and ultimately patients.

Dramatically Lower Costs​

Through data intelligence and automation, andros credentialing removes manual work, greatly reduces admin times, and creates efficiency never before found with CVO credentialing processes. As a result, andros can give you an ROI of 300% or more on CVO services compared to fully staffed internal teams using in-house data systems and traditional manual workflows.

“To move quickly enough to provide our members with the care they deserve while staying compliant – It’s essential for us to know, without a doubt, who is credentialed and when. And andros has consistently offered peace of mind with it’s reliability.

How andros CVO Credentialing Works

Provider-approved Application Process

Our application system is designed to make providers happy. In fact, two out of three of our application processes don’t require any provider input. Whether we receive data from a client through an API, batch upload, or the provider-filed application, that step triggers the process and alerts andros to identify the data required to complete an NCQA-certified credentialing process.

Our robust repository of data in the andros platform helps autofill healthcare provider information from verified sources, so that it’s nearly impossible for incorrect information to be submitted. In the 20 minutes it takes to complete, our application takes the burden off of your team and the providers in your network. 

Automated Primary Source Verification

We automate processes that used to take exponentially more hours in legacy systems. The andros platform uses data-matching algorithms to provide instant primary source verification.

In addition, the system identifies gaps in the required information and provides instant alerts, flagging potential roadblocks to credentialing such as malpractice, licensure, or sanctions issues.

Trained Professional Oversight

Where the andros platform can’t resolve the discrepancies, the andros team digs in on your behalf. Trained credentialing professionals reach out to providers and facilities at least three times to get to the bottom of any flagged issues and perform quality checks to ensure every credentialing report is up to NCQA standards.

All the Data, At Your Fingertips

After credentialing is complete, you receive all the healthcare provider information in an easy-to-read profile, including vital information like specialty, languages, malpractice information, credentialing status and much more. With comprehensive credentialing reports provided the way you want (PDF downloads, the andros web portal, or API), you’ll be able to move through your final review and approval processes efficiently – or andros can manage the Credentialing Committee process on your behalf as well.

An Approval Process Your Team Will Approve

Network Approval Management has never been as easy as it is with andros. Our team will help you level providers, identify risk to the committee (without prolonged prep time), and facilitate committee meetings and administration. By having one central place for information, the andros platform streamlines the approval process and reduces errors, which all helps to put providers in front of patients quicker, at reduced cost to you. 

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