Build your Medicare Advantage
provider network with confidence.

The andros platform is the #1 end-to-end provider network development solution for Medicare Advantage

With a proven track record to scale from 1 to 200k providers quickly with minimal disruption, organizations work with andros to build dynamic Medicare Advantage networks — leading to better member experiences and stronger, more diverse provider ecosystems.

With andros, you can:


  • Scale your contracting NCQA certified CVO and credentialing
    efforts with automated workflows 
  • Access real-time insights to project and provider status dashboards
  • Ensure your network directory is error-free, complete, compliant,
    and ready for filing

    We do more because you deserve more than adequate.

Design Build Credential Monitor Next-Level Medicare Advantage Networks

Learn why some of the most effective healthcare organizations in the U.S. choose andros for provider network management.

It's time to build the next generation of provider networks.

Quickly scale contracting and recruiting. Understand progress toward adequacy and beyond.

When pairing our data of over 8 million providers and our expert team, we take a strategic approach that targets key providers first. The result? Giving you the fastest path to a network that not only meets adequacy requirements, but also improves health care access – all while allowing you to see the progress of your build in real-time. 

Credential with ease.
Eliminate redundancies,
inefficiencies, and errors.

The a* platform aggregates and re-uses provider data to eliminate redundant steps in the credentialing process.
We set up our best practices to ensure transparency,
workflow management, and accountability.

  • Complete routine tasks accurately and efficiently
  • Start credentialing when providers are engaged
  • Minimizing the risk of getting approved, but not in-market for open enrollment season. 

Customer Success Stories

We’ve earned the trust of more than 6,000 hospitals and health systems around the globe.

A thriving Medicare Advantage HMO based in Maryland, Provider Partners Health Plans (PPHP), was on a mission to offer a hands-on approach to long-term care. The incumbent CVO was not up to the task, and would take weeks or months to fulfill a request and the deliverable would be a messy file that PPHP would need to dig through to understand, parse and prepare for their Credentialing Committee.
• Turnaround times dropped from 20 days to 10 days
• Increased volume of providers able to be credentialed to 20,000 - PPHP wouldn’t have been able to handle this volume internally
• Real-time reports on credentialing progress
Humana, the third-largest health insurance provider in the country, attempted to handle credentialing internally, but soon recognized their large provider network was too big to handle themselves and that they needed to outsource to a CVO. However, after 5 years Humana wasn’t satisfied with the vendor they had chosen – slow turnaround times of over 45 days were plaguing their networks, and troublesome regulatory penalties were causing additional headaches.
• Turnaround times dropped from 45 days to 10 days
• Compliance issues were proactively identified and resolved before consequences arose
• File completion before the due date rose from 62% to 94%

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