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androsCredentialing* API

Innovation in credentialing: the andros API

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Plans, providers, and patients win with andros + Madaket

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Powering the provider network management revolution

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Network Development

Top 5 Mistakes of Provider Network Development

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From Direct Contracting Model to ACO REACH: Navigating the Continued Evolution of Value-Based Care in Traditional Medicare

With a speedy makeover for the Global and Professional Direct Contracting Model, CMS is making sure to incorporate lessons learned from previous value-based care programs. The revamped ACO REACH initiative aims to make it easier and more rewarding to embrace value-driven principles in traditional Medicare. Introduction Ever since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became the

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Delegated Credentialing: Easing the pain of credentialing your providers

Delegated Credentialing: Easing the pain of credentialing your providers Credentialing in house can be painful for health plans and other types of payors, adding the time and administrative stress of continually tracking and updating new providers, locations, and information. It can be burdensome for provider organizations too, submitting new documents with each provider, location and

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Top 4 Challenges Facing Health Plans in 2022 and How to Overcome Them

From network development and staffing shortages to managing relationships in an increasingly digital world, health plans have a lot on their plates in 2022. How can leaders effectively navigate this difficult environment while continuing to provide exceptional services to members?   Introduction   Since the beginning of this tumultuous decade, health plans have been confronted

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