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Paving the Road to Health Equity with Next-Gen Provider Networks

CMS provider network adequacy standards were an important step toward health equity. However, outdated algorithms and distance guidelines aren’t enough to achieve health equity for all. We explore how and when the model fails in its intent & how we can use better modeling to help address these shortcomings.

Medicare Advantage is the future of Medicare

The simple truth is this: Medicare Advantage is becoming the dominant model for the delivery of healthcare to America’s seniors.

Creating a Better Provider Experience

Building strong, healthy provider networks is anything but easy and absolutely critical to the success of every health plan.

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Why improving the credentialing experience for providers matters

When you ask a consumer what they think of the experience of procuring and receiving healthcare, chances are you’ll hear some negative feedback. Delays in receiving care, uncertainty over costs, and confusing billing and reimbursement processes all negatively impact patients’ experience of healthcare. Recent surveys have shown patients care more about customer service and communication with their healthcare providers than things like bedside manner.

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