Customer Success Stories

Learn more about how andros helps customers like you tackle provider network management & credentialing challenges with ease.

Humana, the third-largest health insurance provider in the country, originally handled provider credentialing with a third-party vendor.

However, after 5 years, they weren’t satisfied with the vendor they had chosen – slow turnaround times of over 45 days were plaguing their networks, and troublesome regulatory penalties were causing additional headaches.

They recognized that their large provider network was too big to handle and decided to outsource credentialing to the NCQA-certified andros CVO instead.

Learn how our unique approach enabled Humana to proactively identify potential compliance issues and mitigate them before consequences arose.

As a thriving Medicare Advantage HMO based in Maryland with a mission to offer a hands-on approach to long-term care, PPHP was struggling to dedicate the necessary resources to credentialing.

The company was expanding at a pace and volume that was difficult to sustain for their existing CVO, so they decided to look for a vendor with better expertise, methodology, and systems to improve credentialing compliance.

Learn how andros met PPHP’s demanding workload and cut down their credentialing time from several months to just 10 days & has successfully managed credentialing for more than 20,000 providers to date.

Pager’s mission is to bring the best available care to their patients’ doors. To do this, they built the technology that allows patients to connect directly to providers and schedule an appointment at their own home or office. Then they had to build a network of high-quality providers, get them credentialed and make the business profitable.

Learn how andros streamlined their credentialing and onboarding process, making it easier to use. Pager is now able to grow their network of doctors quickly without worrying about compliance.

As a quickly growing online therapy company, Talkspace needed to be sure that they had a robust solution for therapist credentialing as they scaled their network to thousands of clinicians. Talkspace credentials to NCQA standards and was looking for a solution that didn’t require the time and expense of building out an in-house credentialing team. 

andros is the tech solution they needed for a manual, human-intensive process. Among the CVOs they looked at, andros was the most user-friendly and gave them the most clarity on the credentialing process.

A national health plan wanted to expand their Medicare Advantage (MA) offerings. Their goals were to offer new MA plans in two states with established product lines and launch MA plans in three new states. 

To achieve these goals in an acceptable time frame, the health plan needed every resource available. Unfortunately, they ran into a challenge: their internal network development team had no bandwidth due to other projects and the available resources on their commercial team did not have any experience with Medicare Advantage requirements.

They decided that they needed to bring in an external partner (with proven expertise) to get the job done. So, the health plan selected andros to help build new, adequate, and marketable Medicare Advantage provider networks in seventy counties across five states.
Check out our latest case study to learn our approach for expansion and the results it yielded.

An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) had multiple challenges, including missing growth targets, inability to collect or analyze recruitment data, and having slow recruitment processes. 

They decided that they needed to bring in an external partner (with proven expertise) to aid in their network development needs. So the ACO selected andros to help address its various pain points, generate new revenue, and automate data collection, storage and analysis.

Check out the full case study to learn our approach for expansion and the results it yielded.

It was important to Clover Health that its credentialing solution was aligned with its mission to improve the lives of patients and providers. Clover needed accurate provider data in a user-friendly platform in order to increase productivity and usability.

Find out why Clover chose andros and how we effectively manage their rapidly growing provider network.

VGH was challenged with finding the right CVO solution for them and their sister plan, QualSight. VGH alone had over 1,100 providers so they knew they needed the right support in order to be successful.

Dive in to find out how andros saved VGH time and effort without any added headcount.