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What is andros?

To understand andros is to understand our namesake. Named for one of the largest barrier reefs on Earth, andros is a study in the vibrancy of interconnected ecosystems.

On its own, a data point is meaningless — a single piece of coral adrift in an ocean. Yet when combined with millions of other points, connections form a structure suited for sustaining a spectrum of lifeforms. Our mission is to forge these bonds of disparate provider data points to build a foundation of information necessary to create dynamic, thriving healthcare networks.

The andros approach to creating healthcare networks focuses on depth of data. We use millions of data points to form a complete vision of the provider landscape, which enables us to find utility and meaning in this diverse information. This deep repository of data can then be used as a basis for credentialing, analyzing performance, and comparing individual providers to create the most vibrant health ecosystem possible. 


Our Culture

When your mission is to create ecosystems that thrive on diversity, it’s imperative that that mission extends beyond business decisions. At andros, we’re committed to promoting a culture that celebrates different ways of being, and rewards different ways of thinking. We know that it’s these differences that make us stronger when we work together. Interested in joining our little ecosystem? 

Meet Our Amazing Team

Some of the Faces Behind our Success

Brett Zelkind

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Sarah Bowe

Vice President, Client Success

Patrick Boyle

Vice President, Sales

Remy Greeno

Vice President, Finance & People

Robert Coombs

Vice President, Operations

Michael Puff

Vice President, Product

Jared McKee

Vice President, Network Solutions

Interested in Joining the andros Team?

Like the ecosystems we build, andros thrives on diversity. We understand that it’s our differences that make us stronger when we work together. Explore our careers and find out where you fit into our growing team.

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Mike Simmons

Mike leads a team dedicated to each other, our clients, and our mission to make healthcare administration work better. His vision is to provide an end-to-end solution designed for 21st century healthcare organizations. Mike is a student of Brazilian jujitsu, enjoys road cycling, paddling, and surfing, and aspires to be a true ally to people across the entire spectrum of diversity.


Eric Zerneke

Eric’s passion and experience with high-growth healthcare tech companies ensures that andros has an integrated and highly motivated commercial team focused on delivering flexible and effective solutions to large, complex healthcare organizations. Eric loves big-mountain snowboarding, cooking, playing guitar, and traveling the world with his wife Christy.


Chris Coluzzi

Chris leads our engineering team and is responsible for the underlying technology of the andros a* platform. He strives to engage and motivate teams, and to push innovation and excellence with a personal touch. In his free time Chris is a drummer and hopes to resume live shows again soon.

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