Why Andros?

Like the coral reef that inspired our name, provider data ecosystems require diversity and balance to thrive.

We’re committed to providing industry-leading technology, expertise, and intelligent data that helps payors & telehealth organizations ensure access to quality care for their members with strong, balanced and more diverse provider ecosystems.

The Andros approach to creating the next generation of provider networks focuses on depth of data. We use millions of data points to form a complete vision of the provider landscape, which enables us to find utility and meaning in this diverse ecosystem of information.

Our Culture

When your mission is to create ecosystems that thrive on diversity, it’s imperative that that mission extends beyond business decisions. At Andros, we’re committed to promoting a culture that celebrates different ways of being, and rewards different ways of thinking. We know that it’s these differences that make us stronger when we work together. Interested in joining our little ecosystem?

Our Values

Our values reflect the behaviors we aspire to and expect from ourselves and our teams. We put our clients first in the decisions we make and we find the joy inside and outside of work.

Take Ownership

Integrity & Courage

Communication & Humility

Innovation & Impact

Passion & Selflessness

Diversity & Inclusion

Our Leadership

Jeff Fritz

Chief Executive Officer

Kyle Gunderson

Chief Operating Officer

Jen Douglas

Chief Financial Officer

Alex Daw

Chief Technology Officer

Louise Briguglio

Senior Vice President of Product Experience

Shana Jackson

Vice President of People & Culture

Matt Rainville

Vice President of Engineering

Join Our Team

Like the ecosystems we build, andros thrives on diversity. We understand that it’s our differences that make us stronger when we work together. Explore our careers and find out where you fit into our growing team.