The Next Wave in Credentialing

androsCredentialing* is a data-rich repository that streamlines antiquated processes, and drastically reduces man hours and operating costs. andros clients experience lightning-speed turnaround times on thousands of complete files.

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Credentialing in Days

The andros a* platform enables credentialing workflows that turn around 90% of files in 14 days, and over 80% of files in less than 7 days. Lightyears ahead of the market, our credentialing service reduces overhead and provides accuracy every step of the way. In addition to primary source verification, we also offer monitoring and network approval management services.

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Fully NCQA Certified

Our platform offers the strictest level of NCQA certification available. With such rigorous standards applied to every file, we drastically reduce errors and audit risks — so you can be reassured knowing your network is above board.


Dramatically Lower Costs

Through data-learning and automation, androsCredentialing* removes manual work, greatly reduces admin times, and creates efficiency never before found with credentialing processes. As a result, andros can cut your credentialing costs by a third or less. Really.

How It Works

How androsCredentialing* Works

We take the manual burden off your team, leveraging our cloud-based platform and deep well of data to credential thousands of provider applications in days instead of months. This helps you streamline processes, reduce overhead, and increase data accuracy. It’s so simple, we do it in 4 simple steps.

A Simple Application Process

Our application system is designed to make providers happy. In fact, two out of three of our application processes don’t require any necessary input from a provider. Our robust repository of data helps autofill provider information from verified sources, so that it’s nearly impossible for incorrect information to be submitted. In 20 minutes, our application takes the burden off of your team and the providers in your network. After all, you deserve a break.

Automated Verification

The cornerstone of our credentialing system is automating processes that used to take exponentially more man hours in legacy systems. The andros a* platform uses data-matching algorithms to provide instant primary source verification — but that’s not all. The system also provides instant alerts flagging potential roadblocks to credentialing such as malpractice, licensure or sanctions issues and proactively works to correct those issues. Get the speedy, error-free results you need, all without looking at endless spreadsheets and paper forms.

All the Data, at Your Fingertips

Digitizing the credentialing process is an absolute gamechanger. The andros a* platform makes every piece of data searchable and reportable. Provider information is all in one easy-to-read profile, including vital information like specialty, languages, malpractice information, credentialing status and much more. The only confusing part is what you’re going to do with the extra office space after you remove your file cabinets.

An Approval Process Your Team Will Approve

Network Approval Management has never been as easy as it is with the andros platform. Our team will help you level providers, identify risk to the committee (without prolonged prep time), and facilitate committee meetings and administration. By having one central place for information, the andros platform streamlines the approval process and reduces errors, which all helps to put providers in front of patients quicker, at reduced cost to you. That’s what we call a win-win.

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If you haven’t guessed by now, we’re pretty proud of androsCredentialing.* Schedule some time to speak with one of our experts and let us show you how it can transform your operation.

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