Healthtech Leader andros Launches Industry-First Credentialing API

The first and only provider credentialing API not only accelerates network development and access to care, but also opens the door for future innovations to continue the digital transformation of healthcare administration.

NEW YORK CITY, August 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/—Today, andros announces the release of the first and only API for NCQA-Certified credentialing—furthering its mission to transform healthcare administration by using data and technology to improve key business processes in provider network management. The API provides a toolkit for any healthcare business, including payers, providers, and telehealth platforms, to build a fully digital NCQA-certified credentialing experience into their applications and portals.

The andros credentialing solution dramatically accelerates manual credentialing processes that in the past could take months to complete. Now, with API access, the androsCredentialing* technology can be embedded in existing workflows, allowing health plans to access new markets faster, improving providers’ interactions with traditional payers and tech-based healthcare innovators, and increasing patients’ access to quality care.

“Beyond these first-order benefits, we’re sending an important message to the healthcare industry,” said andros CEO Mike Simmons. “To have the kind of healthcare system in the US that we all want and deserve, we’ve got to drive more innovation faster—and that’s what our API does. We’re making a fundamental, foundational business process accessible to product managers and software developers, and inviting fellow innovators to get after it with us.”

andros anticipates wide adoption of the technology among market-leading payers and emerging businesses alike, as organizations recognize the need for radical change in healthcare administration. Horizon BCBS, a market-leading payer in New Jersey and a technology leading among the BlueCross BlueShield plans, is currently implementing the andros API.

“To help make the credentialing process easier and more efficient, Horizon selected andros based on their strong knowledge base and engagement in the primary source verification process. With use of an API, andros is going to improve our efficiency and give us, and our participating physicians and health care professionals, real-time insights and transparency into the status of applications,” says Howard Cutler, Vice President Healthcare Delivery at Horizon BlueCross BlueShield of New Jersey. andros leadership, product, and marketing teams will be on-site at HIMSS, taking place in Las Vegas from August 9 – 13, 2021. To learn more, visit

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