Innovation is the answer: Why andros built the industry’s first API for NCQA-certified credentialing


You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that there are some big issues in the US healthcare system today. As a country, we’re spending almost one in every six dollars in the world’s biggest economy on healthcare, and we’re still not getting the results we deserve. 

In fact, we’re wasting immense sums of money on healthcare. A recent study at JAMA pegged the figure between $760 and $935 billion per year. And in healthcare administration, studies find $265 billion a year in waste on “administrative complexity” alone. 

Those figures keep us at andros up at night. That’s why we are on a mission to make healthcare administration better for everyone. 

We recognized that one problem plaguing healthcare administrators was credentialing. Credentialing plays a critical role in ensuring that patients receive quality care by requiring health plans and provider groups to verify the qualifications of every healthcare provider in their network. But it’s traditionally been a slow, painstaking, manual process that could take months, preventing providers from seeing patients. 

We were able to accelerate this process without sacrificing quality (We are NCQA-certified, after all!) through innovation. We know, we know; innovation is a word  that often gets overused, but at andros, it’s in our DNA. It’s so deeply ingrained in our organizational culture that one of our cornerstone values is to #Embrace Innovation And Generate Impact. It’s who we are. It drives our relentless effort to do things faster, smarter, more efficiently, and better for our clients, and for the larger community of healthcare payers, providers, and patients.

In fact, we’re so dedicated to innovation that we’ve got a process in place around it, and it starts with collecting data and analyzing it. Understand the problem or challenge. What are its characteristics, symptoms, and root causes? How can we tackle the problem, applying skill sets we’ve learned, technology we’ve built, or processes we’ve developed? How can we solve it faster? Can we repeat the process of solving it? Can we scale up the solution to address the problem across a project, a client, an industry? 

Data, algorithms, workflows, technology–these are the techniques disrupting industries today, and andros is at the forefront of bringing them to healthcare administration in general, and provider network management and credentialing in particular. These are our levers for change, and we’re pushing them as hard as we can.

But andros is only one company. We’re committed and we’re smart, but there’s only so much we can do. To generate real impact (There’s our values, again!), we need scale. We need partners and clients pulling on the rope with us. So to our mind, the best kind of innovation doesn’t just solve one specific problem, it provides a toolkit to solve multiple problems. It opens doors for others to follow. It lays a foundation for future innovations by others.

And that’s why our latest innovation, the androsCredentialing* API, is critical to achieving our goals. With it, you can securely and efficiently transfer data between your provider data platforms and androsCredentialing*. 

The API makes credentialing easier and faster for our clients. By building a bridge between our clients’ data platforms and androsCredentialing*, teams can use their native data platforms to perform key credentialing tasks like: 

  • Initiate credentialing 
  • Enhance and update provider profiles
  • Approve or deny credentials
  • Retrieve completed credentials
  • Manage credentialing projects proactively

That’s amazing, right? And of course using the API provides important second-level benefits to our clients. They can reduce the risk of human errors, accelerate timelines, and derive new insights from the data they have access to. 

But there’s an even bigger picture – the androsCredentialing* API is a foundational technology that empowers more innovations. Ones that we haven’t even thought of yet. With the API, product managers, software engineers, and in-house development teams now have the ability to integrate NCQA-certified credentialing functions into whatever applications, products, and portals they’re developing.

We’re on a path to transform the healthcare system into one that better serves all of us, and this is the sort of innovation that gets us there. You can tell we’re excited about this first step, but we’re even more excited to see what you all have in store once you start working with our API.

Find out more about the androsCredentialing* API on our website or schedule a call to talk to an andros rep.

I’ve got to get my hands on this!

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