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Credentialing healthcare organizations has traditionally been difficult to manage efficiently. The lack of an industry standard, like the one NCQA offers for provider credentialing, leaves organizations and state regulatory entities to develop their own processes or requirements. Naturally, the result is a hodge-podge of standards with little consistency across the healthcare industry.

The lack of an industry standard, however, does not diminish the need for organizational credentialing. To ensure quality care for their patients, health plans must credential organizations to offer the services that individual providers or traditional provider groups can or do not. These include facilities like:

  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory surgical centers
  • Dialysis facilities
  • Testing labs
  • Radiology
  • Physical and occupational therapy

As a result, many health plans have implemented their own credentialing processes by adapting processes from provider credentialing, and piecemealing a solution. But such efforts are by nature inefficient and prone to redundancies, rework, and human error. 

Fortunately, with the latest update to androsCredentialing*, healthcare entities have a superior option. Our software suite delivers industry-leading turnaround times for provider credentialing in full compliance with NCQA standards–and our organizational credentialing is up to the same level of reliability and transparency as our clients are accustomed to on the provider side. 

Everything you need in one place 

With no universal standard for organizational credentialing, androsCredentialing* for Organizations delivers custom-built reports with primary source verifications (PSVs) required by each client and geography. And now it compiles all of the necessary PSVs in a single, downloadable PDF report, just like androsCredentialing* for Providers does.

Whether you need the report for your credentialing committee, the approval process, or to complete an audit, you’ll have everything you need in one document.

It eliminates the risk of human error in recredentialing.

No more worrying about whether your organizations’ credentials are up to date – andros has automated the creation of recredentialing checklists. Whether organizations are due for recredentialing after 36 months or another time frame, androsCredentialing* for Organizations creates recredentialing checklists automatically. That way you’ll be reminded to take the necessary steps to start recredentialing processes in time.

You have organizational overviews at your fingertips.

We’ve revamped our Organizations summary page in response to client feedback as the first step in an overall user interface upgrade. We’ve improved its layout, making it more intuitive, user-friendly, and digestible–and there’s more to come!

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