When Your CVO is a Trusted Partner

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Not all CVOs are created equal. When considering moving your credentialing function to a CVO or switching CVOs, it’s worth asking: What do I need from this relationship? What is it going to be like to work with this CVO? What will they bring to the table that I can’t do myself? Will I see a meaningful change?

We recently sat down with Rebecca Cartwright, credentialing specialist at Vision Holding Group (VGH), to get her perspective on why she chose andros over any other CVO.

With over 1,300 providers to credential by herself, Rebecca knew she’d need to find the right partner. It didn’t make sense for Rebecca to spend time, money and resources on creating a 10-person credentialing department, all to conduct verifications manually. Rebecca needed a CVO that could integrate seamlessly into her process and be her credentialing partner. After vetting several CVOs, Rebecca chose andros.

Rebecca has never looked back. Instead she gained:

  • A collaborative relationship: andros helps Rebecca continually improve her program. Conversely, Rebecca’s input helps influence the tools andros will build for clients.
  • Forward-thinking technology: andros’s proprietary, data-science-driven automation powers a faster and more accurate credentialing process than does a process dependent on manual data entry.
  • Reduction in steps to completion: Together, we were able to identify areas where Rebecca could stop doing time-consuming rote tasks because our technology will do this work for her.

In the end, andros’s “we’re-in-this-together” mentality gives Rebecca the support she needs to be successful in her role.

“andros goes above and beyond to help me make my credentialing program better.”

During their biweekly calls, she and her andros success team openly discuss the work they are doing and what they are trying to achieve. Rebecca notes that these discussions have been key to their credentialing program. “The andros team is there to give us advice,” Rebecca says. “It’s a total collaboration between andros and our organization. We are a team.”

During an earlier call, the andros team realized Rebecca was spending her weekends manually gathering and typing additional provider data into a spreadsheet. They let Rebecca know that she already had the data andros needed to kick off credentialing for her providers. Once she provided that info, andros’s technology could fill in the rest. And she’d have her weekends back.

Having been in a credentialing role for years, Rebecca has worked with many different CVOs. “With other CVOs you are paying for a service and it’s just an action. There’s no getting to know each other,” Rebecca says. “There’s no refining the process or learning from each other. Many CVOs use a cookie-cutter model: one size fits all.”

“They are taking a lot off my plate.”

Rebecca was mentally preparing herself for provider outreach (doctors are notoriously hard to reach). She started reviewing the provider files to search for missing work history gap information and other data. But to her surprise when she received the files back from andros, all the pieces of missing information had been flagged for her. “andros will identify what is missing in preparation for outreach. It’s amazing that they share that with us. They are taking a lot off my plate.”

“It’s clean. It’s faster. It’s complete,”

andros’s platform saves time, effort and added headcount. “It’s clean. It’s faster. It’s complete,” Rebecca says. With a 10x faster turnaround time than industry average on thousands of files (for providers with compliant applications), easy-to-use platform, competitive cost and a collaborative relationship, Rebecca can rest easy. And it doesn’t hurt knowing that if she has any questions about credentialing, she has a team of experts she can talk to.

Evaluating CVO options?

We’ve put together this list of questions to ask the CVOs you’re evaluating.

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