Top 100 Under 50 Executive and Emerging Leaders:
Mike Simmons

Diversity MBA Media recently announced its list of the Top 100 Under 50 executive leaders in corporate America and this year’s class of emerging leaders and rising stars includes our CEO Mike Simmons. He was spotlighted from a pool of several hundred nominees for reaching benchmarks and making a difference in their respective industry.

The award is unique because candidates must have an advanced degree or certification, can only receive the recognition once and must be age 50 or younger.

“I find that the leaders of today are more intentional than ever before,” said Pamela McElvane, CEO of P & L Holding Co., which includes Diversity MBA Media Group, “They are clear on what impact they want to make and how to do it. These leaders have demonstrated community commitment and are unapologetic about driving change in their realm. They influence others to be the best they can be while creating ways to stay relevant and innovative. These are the leaders of today and tomorrow,” McElvane said.

Mike is the CEO of andros, the first and only technology company to provide healthcare network development and credentialing services in one platform. Founded in 2013 as CredSimple, andros was created following the acquisition of Glenridge Health in 2020. Mike’s vision for andros is to make healthcare administration easier, simpler, and faster for all parties—with the ultimate goal of improving access to quality healthcare.

Leaders of today are more intentional than ever before

At andros, Mike leads a team dedicated to each other, our clients, and our mission to make healthcare administration work better. His vision is to provide an end-to-end solution designed for 21st century healthcare organizations. Mike is a student of Brazillian jujitsu, enjoys road cycling, skydiving, and surfing, and aspires to be a true ally to people across the entire spectrum of diversity.

A unique, global upbringing in some of the poorest parts of the world gives him a distinct perspective and motivates him to do everything possible to advance the well-being of the world, regardless of how large and time-consuming the task might seem. At andros and beyond, his work is inspired by a forward-looking desire to foster connections that can be harnessed and built upon.

Congratulations to all emerging leaders recognized on this year’s top 100 list! To see the full list, click here.

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