Provider Network Management & Credentialing from andros

The healthcare industry is thriving. Every day, new innovations help us deliver better care to patients.

Unfortunately, the industry often doesn’t approach provider network development
with the same Innovative energy, which leads to a fractured and messy provider experience. Most payers and telehealth organizations deploy a mix of siloed point solutions, understaffed internal teams, consulting firms, and CVOs to help build and maintain their provider networks.

As a result the provider experience is terrible over 70% of providers are unsatisfied with the contracting and credentialing experience and because it’s so unpleasant most only plan to
join one or two new provider networks in the next three years. How do you persuade them to join yours at a time when you need to grow and reduce operating costs?

You can create healthy thriving relationships with providers by treating every stage of the provider lifecycle as a unified experience instead of relying on multiple services. andros will manage the lifecycle of your providers in one place to help you build a stronger more diverse provider network.

We recruit, contract, and credential providers quickly and efficiently, enabling you to rapidly scale your network of providers to accommodate new patients at a reduced cost. Whether you
want to build, maintain, or expand, we start by evaluating the provider landscape utilizing our platform to assess your target market and recommending the best approach for building a successful network.

We then bring together the perfect blend of smart recruiting data and technology automation to rapidly attract new providers to your network and ensure you meet your network adequacy goals our dynamic contracting services integrate seamlessly with your team to manage outreach and track real-time provider response rates.

We then collect, manage, and transfer provider contracting, adequacy, and demographic data to you to use for your directory. This verified data helps ensure that your network directory is error-free complete and compliant by removing the tedious error prone manual processes of the past

We’ve built a scalable NCQA-Certified CVO that can deliver provider credentialing in less than 14 days on thousands of files. Automated credentialing eliminates unnecessary costs avoids missing key filing deadlines and keeps your providers happy. Our team will help you prepare practitioner files and facilitate committee meetings so that you can make well-informed documented and consistent credentialing decisions.

By centralizing information the andros platform simplifies the approval process reduces errors and helps providers reach patients faster and at a lower cost. Automated full-time monitoring and deep compliance expertise combined with data learning ensure that your provider network maintains adequacy and compliance standards.

Organizations that utilize the andros platform operate efficiently, serve their members more
effectively, and ultimately become more competitive in the healthcare marketplace.

If you’re ready to build, credential, monitor, and optimize a vibrant, healthy, diverse provider ecosystem for your network visit us online at

We’re here to help you thrive!

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