Introducing andros: the Technology Company Revolutionizing Healthcare via One, Interconnected Data Network

Formed following the acquisition of Glenridge Health by CredSimple in 2020, andros is the healthcare technology company behind the revolutionary a* platform

NEW YORK CITY, June 2021 /PRNewswire/andros, the healthcare technology company that is radically changing healthcare industry operations by connecting payer and provider data via one data resource, officially announced its rebrand today. Formed following the acquisition of Glenridge by Credsimple in late 2020, andros is the only healthcare technology company to offer both provider credentialing and payer network development in one platform.

andros is named for the Andros Barrier Reef, one of the largest living organisms on the planet. Much like the interrelated ecosystem that supports the vast and wildly diverse lifeforms across a reef, andros was conceived as the underlayer of information that supports and accelerates healthcare delivery in the incredibly interconnected healthcare ecosystem.

The andros a* platform is the industry’s largest provider data resource. It combines data, intelligence, and automated workflows to solve challenges spanning the provider network lifecycle, from network design and development to credentialing and monitoring. Prior to andros, millions of related data points were not accessible or visible outside of individual independent payer systems or government entities..

“Provider network management is a severely underserved aspect of healthcare administration. That’s why I founded CredSimple in 2013. Our primary objective is to make healthcare administration easier, simpler, and faster for all parties—with the ultimate goal of improving access to quality healthcare,” says andros CEO Mike Simmons. “It became clear that we could add more value to our clients and achieve our mission more quickly with the expertise and technology that Glenridge Healthcare offered to build strong, viable provider networks faster. Together we are far more powerful, and our new name of andros is the perfect metaphor for our work – connecting all aspects of the healthcare ecosystem for a healthier world overall.”

Sharing information across networks’ first-party credentialing systems not only accelerates the speed at which payers can add new providers into their networks (including in new regions or specialized healthcare categories), it also reduces delays and cuts out the tedious and repetitive processes required for providers to get credentialed and paid. Ultimately, it makes for more effective healthcare delivery across the entire ecosystem of care, happier providers, and healthier patients. andros leadership, product, and marketing teams will be on-site at HIMSS, taking place in Las Vegas from August 9 – 13, 2021. At HIMSS, andros will announce an important new product that will further accelerate the company’s offerings for both payers and providers.

About andros

andros is the first and only technology company to provide healthcare network development and credentialing services in one platform. Founded in 2013 as CredSimple, andros was created following the acquisition of Glenridge Health in 2020. Built on the industry’s largest provider data resource, the andros a* software suite leverages data intelligence and automated workflows to recruit, contract, credential, and monitor healthcare providers and networks nationwide. Networks built and managed with andros technology allow innovative health plans, governmental entities, and telehealth companies to deliver healthcare to counties containing over 90% of the United States’ population.