andros and Madaket Health Partner to Deliver Seamless Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Solution

Healthcare Providers and Payers Benefit from Increased Efficiency of Single Solution

NEW YORK CITY, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/—andros, the only technology company to provide healthcare network development and credentialing services in one platform, today announced its partnership with Madaket Health, a cloud-based healthcare platform that simplifies administrative data exchange between payers and providers. The partnership will simplify the time-consuming, complex processes of healthcare network enrollment for payers and of credentialing for healthcare providers.

andros will bring its automated technology platform to provide primary source verification (PSV) to the providers and provider groups Madaket serves, while Madaket will offer its provider enrollment technology to the health plans, telehealth organizations, and governmental entities andros serves.

“Our vision is to offer our clients a holistic technology solution that optimizes the entire workflow of provider networks,” said andros CEO and founder Mike Simmons. “The andros partnership with Madaket will streamline provider enrollment in health networks for the clients we serve, and ultimately will benefit both providers (doctors) and payers (their patients) by saving time and reducing costs.”

“For providers, long credentialing times make network enrollment processes painful and unduly burdensome,” Madaket Health CEO Eric Demers said. “This collaboration with andros will give our clients visibility into the credentialing process and the ability to fulfill administrative requirements quickly and simply, so they can focus on what really matters to them—serving patients.”

About andros

andros is the first and only technology company to provide healthcare network development and credentialing services in one platform. By using technology to help health insurance companies rapidly scale their networks in new regions and specialties, andros is accelerating access to care for patients and giving doctors a clear path to insurance certification and payment. Founded in 2013 as CredSimple, andros was created following the acquisition of Glenridge Health in 2020. The company’s track record includes building new regional networks and practice areas for the country’s leading health insurance providers, government entities, and telehealth companies. andros is continually raising the bar for credentialing timelines and onboarding—a critical but unsung component to ensuring patients get seen, doctors get paid, and administrative barriers to care are removed as quickly as possible. To find out more, visit

About Madaket

Madaket Health offers a modern approach to provider data management. We automate the manual, error-prone processes that are pervasive in revenue cycle tasks and provider data exchange. We provide targeted solutions to facilitate key tasks and serve up provider data analytics and insights. We work with intermediaries, providers, and payers—alone and together—to target the billions of dollars in administrative waste in the provider data marketplace.

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