Fall Newsletter:
Note from Mike

To my friends, partners, and future confidants,

As we progress through the 4th quarter of 2022 and start looking ahead to 2023, change is again in the air. We are committed to becoming ever-better partners to our customers. For me living that commitment means talking to our customers and in Late August I set a goal of meeting with 30 customers over 60 days — it’s been super rewarding.

Having time with the people who leverage our products and services is incredibly valuable. If you took the time to meet with me, thank you. If you’d like to schedule a time to meet with me please reach out. 

Helping our customers solve their biggest challenges around provider network growth and operations means that we need to take the time to deeply understand those challenges as they change and evolve.

The good news

The results have been exciting: By and large we’re delivering great value and helping our customers succeed in their business objectives. There’s also room for improvement and we deeply appreciate the partnership from our customers that pushes us to do more and be better. 

Almost all of our customers are growing. Between new programs like ACO REACH, the expansion of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid programs, nearly all the customers I’ve talked with are expanding their business or looking for opportunities to improve efficiencies even as the employment market is rapidly getting more expensive. 

Both of which are areas where andros technology and services can play an important role.

The better news

 I am excited by the product we’re working to develop now, because of the value I see us being able to deliver for our customers in 2023 as we lean deeper into the most complex areas of credentialing and provider network management. By leveraging our provider data search engine in new ways into both the network development (expansion and optimization) and credentialing lines of business, we see opportunities to drive more value and offer more services.

The best news

 I’m delighted to be working with and recruiting so many talented people to help build andros into the category defining company that we aspire to be. Through the ‘Great Resignation’ season we have both recruited increasing impressive talent to our team as well as wished many of our colleagues good luck as turned a chapter in their own careers. 

Throughout all of the ups and downs of the employment market in the last couple of years we’ve buoyed our organization in two ways. First, we’ve stayed focused on building a strong culture committed to our values and operating principles. Second, we’re taking the opportunity with every hire to raise the bar for talent. The strategy has led us to now having the strongest team we’ve ever had. It’s a privilege to lead a group like this. 

It’s a privilege to lead a group like this. 

Here at andros, we sincerely hope you have an enjoyable holiday season taking time to revel in the things that bring you joy in your life. And as my mom always reminds us, have fun but be wise in your revelry. 

With warm wishes and excitement for the new year,

Mike Simmons 

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