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We’re on a mission at andros. 

Everyone knows there’s a lot of waste in the healthcare system, especially in healthcare administration. JAMA reports estimates of the costs of “administrative complexity” at over $260 billion a year! 

andros is using technology to make healthcare administration, and the healthcare system as a whole, better for everyone—providers, patients, and plans alike. We’re eliminating waste to make the healthcare system more efficient. We’re optimizing processes to make administration more effective. And most important of all, we’re building stronger provider networks to make healthcare accessible and equitable for all.

Providers are the central hub through which healthcare happens. They manage patient care and coordinate with health plans, and as a consequence, they bear the bulk of the administrative burdens. No doubt they witness this complexity and waste first-hand. That’s why andros wants—and needs—providers like you to be part of this revolution we’re starting.

We’ve spent the last several years transforming how health plans, telehealth companies, and other healthcare organizations build and manage provider networks. Our technology automates traditionally manual tasks in the credentialing and network development processes. Intelligent workflows reprioritize tasks, shrink timelines, and eliminate redundancies. 

But behind it all, our data drives results. Having validated data makes credentialing simpler and faster, contracting and recruiting more efficient, and quality care more accessible to patients. We’ve collected hundreds of data points on over 7 million individual and institutional healthcare providers in our a* platform, the largest single provider data resource in the industry. 

But to bring the most value to the entire healthcare system—and to you, the provider community—we need your participation. andros is building the largest healthcare provider community in the industry—and it’s going to change the way providers interact with health plans, and that will translate into reduced administrative burden for your practice and more time spent delivering care to patients. 

What would you say to ditching paperwork and focusing on patients? Enrolling in provider networks with a few simple clicks in one technology platform? Finding the opportunities that were right for you rather than waiting for a health plan to mail you a contract? 

Intelligent use of data has transformed entire sectors of the economy, from retail and finance to transportation and entertainment – andros is bringing digital transformation to healthcare administration today. Together we can:

Eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy

Think about the amount of paperwork you deal with just in terms of getting credentialed within a health plan network. With multiple types of applications, requiring multiple sources of verifications, it could be a full-time job on its own. When you’re part of the andros community, it gets a lot simpler. 

The data in the a* platform is self-validating. It ensures that you can’t accidentally submit incorrect information, putting you into a protracted validation process. And when there’s an issue with a primary source verification or attestation, our optimized outreach process resolves issues multiple times faster than other CVOs or in-house teams.

Enroll with payers quickly

Payer enrollment and provider credentialing are actually parallel processes that require similar sets of information, but traditionally payers treat them as separate, sequential tasks. On top of that, they use outdated manual processes, doubling the administrative burden on you and provider groups by making them go through the same process twice. 

This creates unnecessary cost for healthcare providers, who could be in-network and providing services, rather than waiting for duplicate tasks to be completed. With unified, validated data sources like the a* platform, andros and its partners can complete both tasks concurrently, drastically reducing the overall administrative effort for individual and group providers alike. 

Uncover new opportunities

Andros is connected to a broad and diversified set of payers and risk-bearing organizations, whether they’re traditional players or technology-driven disruptors. Between regional and national health plans, telehealth companies, provider groups, and governmental entities, andros has credentialed or built networks in counties containing over 90% of the US population. 

That means we have access to opportunities for healthcare providers of all types. If you’re looking to be considered for opportunities to join traditional or telehealth networks, you want to be part of our community. 

Grow your practice

The equation is simple: more opportunities = more patients = more revenue. When a client comes to us looking to build a new network, we turn first to the providers in our community to build networks. When an opportunity arises that’s appropriate to your specialty or your location, you’ll be the first to know about it. 

As andros identifies opportunities for growth that you qualify for, we’ll contact you. As a provider, you pick the ones that are right for you as an individual or your group.  

Focus on what matters most: your patients

Really, all these benefits are about letting you do what you’re meant to do: improve your patients’ overall wellness and provide healthcare to patients in need. Stop wasting time filling out forms, filing attestations, emailing, printing, faxing, signing, and performing other administrative tasks. 

And that’s only the beginning. 

We deserve a healthcare system that works for all stakeholders—especially providers and patients. andros is doing its part by building technology that makes healthcare administration run better and by building communities that share our vision and passion. Join us in transforming healthcare so it’s efficient, effective, and equitable for all. 

We’re constantly improving our data, innovating with our technology, and identifying new ways to improve healthcare for all. You can sign up below for updates from andros to hear all the latest as it happens.

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