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Credentials Committee: Duties & Lessons Learned from Dr. Death

The now infamous case of Christopher Duntsch, aka “Dr. Death” has highlighted significant failures in the healthcare system.
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Dr. Death Webinar

The now infamous case of Christopher Duntsch, aka “Dr. Death” has highlighted significant failures in the healthcare system. The physicians that petitioned the Texas Medical Board to revoke Dr. Duntsch’s license, and the attorneys that they partnered with to prosecute him, share their story firsthand.

The group of panelists discussed:

  • How a failure to disclose pertinent information from the training program resulted in significant conflicts of interest
  • Learn how several hospital’s peer review programs and the Texas Medical Board failed to properly address significant complaints and issues in a timely manner
  • The breakdown at hospitals that inappropriately granted temporary privileges, ignored credentialing red flags or placed profit over patient safety
  • What physician leaders and administrators can do to strengthen their credentialing & peer review processes to avoid these pitfalls

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