Questions to Ask Potential Partners

MarketsandMarkets projects that healthcare’s business process outsourcing (BPO) market will have an annual growth rate of 10.2% through 2021, growing to $276.79 billion. As healthcare organizations are confronted with challenges that they don’t necessarily understand, at least not completely, the right BPO partner will help your organization meet its goals.

Finding the right partner requires knowing which questions to ask.

Do You Have Strategy Alignment?

  • Are they aligned with your culture, strategic goals and project objectives?
  • Do they have the functional capabilities needed?
  • Where are they located (if applicable)?
  • Will they operate transparently?
  • What will meetings look like?
  • What is their change management process? Implementing any new system or process is not just about processing specific tasks but about facilitation, oversight and managing the internal changes in a successful way.

Are They Coming To You As A Partner?

  • Are they transparent?
  • Do they offer proactive insights, problem solving in a new way or new findings?
  • Is it more about you as a customer or them as a vendor?
  • Will you build the solution together? Another way to think about this is do they have a true co-creation model?
  • If an organization has identified a need but there’s no cookie-cutter solution to it, how will we come up with an impactful solution?
  • Do they bring not only technology and infrastructure but also the business processes to manage the entire solution?

Do They Offer Flexibility? One Size Does Not Fit All.

  • Do you have to use their software? If you’ve made an investment already, the right partner doesn’t have to ‘rip and replace’ but can help through application modernization or reconfiguration.

Are They Using The Best Available Technology?

  • Do they employ automation (reducing manual work and data entry errors)?
  • What does implementation look like?
  • Are they offering a cloud-based solution or on-prem software? What IT resources are needed?
  • What security measures are in place?

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