Employee Spotlight: Julie Dzurilla


Julie is a talented leader and executive with a remarkable history of success managing and transforming large healthcare operations. As the Vice President of Operations, Julie leads the team responsible for optimizing processes to deliver an exceptional customer experience for clients. 

Julie has a strong background in credentialing and operational expertise and has been a great mentor to her team. In the short time that she has been responsible for managing credentialing operations, she has already had a significant impact on the process, driving improvements in customer delivery.

Not only does Julie bring deep industry expertise, she brings a flavor of leadership that embodies many of the values and operating principles of andros. When she sees an opportunity she’s eager to take initiative and get after it. She’s consistently finding ways to create learning experiences for her team and across the organization. Thankful to have her on our team helping us serve our customers better each day.

The expertise and enthusiasm that Julie brings to her role have been invaluable to the Client Success Team, helping the team to level up while maintaining a strong alignment with the partners in Operations. Julie is a highly valued member of the team and her accomplishments are a testament to her strong leadership and management capabilities.

In addition to her success in the professional arena, Julie is also a dedicated advocate for children in the foster care system. 

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