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Discover the simplicity of a single contract, the convenience of one consolidated relationship, and the ease of a streamlined user experience. 

Here’s what you get when you work with andros:

  • Fully NCQA-Certified CVO: We offer the strictest level of NCQA certification available ensuring faster turnaround times and less errors.
  • Automated Primary Source Verification: Our data-matching algorithms provide instant primary source verification
  • Comprehensive Solution: Seamless integration for contracting, credentialing, network development, and monitoring.
  • Single Contract Simplicity: Experience the ease of managing everything under one contract and a unified relationship.

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NCQA-Certified credentialing for
over 7 million healthcare providers, and counting.

Industry-leading Turnaround

The andros a* platform enables credentialing workflows up to 10 times faster than industry averages. Light years ahead of the market, our credentialing service reduces overhead and ensures accuracy every step of the way. andros clients experience industry-leading turnaround times on thousands of complete files. In addition to primary source verification, we also offer monitoring and network approval management services.

Fully NCQA-Certified CVO

Our platform offers the strictest level of NCQA certification available. With such rigorous standards applied to every file, we drastically reduce errors and audit risks — so you can be reassured that your network quality is exceptional. Combining speed with NCQA certification ensures that credentialing meets the needs of health plans, providers, and ultimately patients.

Dramatically Improve Efficiency

Through data intelligence and automation, androsCredentialing* removes manual work, greatly reduces admin times, and creates efficiency never before found with credentialing processes. As a result, andros can give you an ROI of 300% or more on credentialing services compared to fully staffed internal teams using in-house data systems and traditional manual workflows.

Credential with ease. Eliminate redundancies, inefficiencies, and errors.

The a* platform aggregates and re-uses provider data to eliminate redundant steps in the credentialing process. We set up our best practices to ensure transparency, workflow management, and accountability.
  • Complete routine tasks accurately and efficiently.
  • Start credentialing when providers are engaged.
  • Minimize the risk of getting approved, but not in-network for open enrollment season.

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Offering comprehensive, end-to-end provider network management services, including recruitment and contracting, credentialing, and provider data management.