Attn: Telehealth Startups! Credentialing Differentiates Your Services


andros recently learned something rather alarming. Some telehealth startup companies are putting off implementing a robust, systematic, NCQA-level credentialing process because they’ve not justified a budget for it. What if your clients knew this was happening?  Which telehealth provider would they choose?

While the healthcare industry is still catching up with the boom in telehealth, telehealth companies can not afford to wait until some outside authority tells them they need to have a credentials review process in place. Telehealth companies need to ensure their providers meet credentialing standards; it’s good business and standard practice.

By waiting for the authorities to mandate compliance, you are exposing your organization to risk and liability. If you include a doctor in your network who does not meet standards put forth by regulatory and accreditation organizations such as the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), you could be making a mistake with severe consequences.

What could go wrong? If you don’t have a credentialing process in place, you could be referring your clients to doctors who have let their medical license lapse or who, for other reasons, are not qualified to see patients. Credentialing is a rigorous process that ensures doctors have the background and skills they need to care for your patients. Having a network of doctors you know you can trust in is the most valuable asset a telehealth company can have.

As a telehealth company, how comfortable do you feel answering any of the following questions?

  • How many of your are providers board certified?
  • Do any of your providers on staff have any criminal history?
  • How many of your providers have medical malpractice history, and have you reviewed the cases?
  • Do any of your providers have outstanding disciplinary actions by state licensing boards?
  • Do any of your providers have expired licenses?
  • Do your providers have an active DEA license to prescribe medications?

A simple yet rigorous credentialing process ensures that no provider falls through the cracks and exposes your organization, or any of your patients, to any risk.

The good news is credentialing does not need to be a bottleneck to growth. Credentialing can fuel your success through ensuring high-quality medical care for your patients.

Considering how simple it can be to credential a doctor with cloud-based credentialing software and services, there’s no excuse for letting your provider network grow without a having a robust NCQA-level credentialing process in place. Even if you are not yet a national brand, it’s easy to get started with credentialing, and it should be a priority for company. Why take needless risk with your clients’ care, your providers, and the reputation of your brand.

At andros, we set you up for credentialing success with an affordable and streamlined credentialing process. Here’s what makes our approach to the credentialing process unique and relevant to telehealth:

  • Cost-effective
  • Fast verification of primary sources
  • Provider-friendly
  • Management-friendly
  • Simple
  • All digital process (No paperwork!)
  • Multi-specialty ready (We can handle all provider types – MDs, DOs, PAs, and more)
  • Multi-state & national coverage (We can handle verification of credentials in any state)

Learn more about our services by scheduling a demo request today or learn more on our solutions page. We have significant experience in credentialing providers for telehealth and virtual visits.

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