Credential Your Network While You Build It

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The Future of Value-Based Care: Making the Most of the New Direct Contracting Model for Traditional Medicare Populations

CMS introduced the Global and Professional Direct Contracting (GPDC) Model in 2020 to build on previous successes and continue transforming the world of value-based care.  What does the new program entail and how can participants maximize their opportunities to succeed? A decade after the launch of the first accountable care organizations (ACOs), the healthcare industry

Top 4 Steps for Getting Started with Delegated Credentialing

Delegated credentialing can save time, money, and effort for health plans and provider groups. But it’s not for everyone.  Providers need to fully understand what’s involved and assess their readiness to take on enhanced credentialing responsibilities.  Here’s how.   Introduction Credentialing is a key part of the provider enrollment process with significant implications for patient safety,

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