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andros partners with tech and services companies to radically change the way healthcare organizations manage their networks.

andros Partners For Progress

We’re committed to building a more effective, equitable, and efficient healthcare system by making provider network management easier and better for everyone. The rich interconnections of the healthcare ecosystem inspire us to collaborate with companies who share our passion for innovation. 

Ready to disrupt healthcare administration? We want to talk if you take on:

  • Data validation and integration
  • Provider enrollment and revenue cycle management
  • Systems integration and business process optimization (BPO)

Featured partner: Madaket Health

Madaket Health leverages provider data to overhaul the slow, paper-based processes that plague provider enrollment, data exchange with payers, and revenue cycle management. 

andros + Madaket accelerates time-to-market for new networks by working both sides of the process: network enrollment for providers and credentialing for health plans. Our partnership is a win-win-win: 

  • Health plans access new markets ahead of the competition
  • Providers start seeing patients and getting reimbursed faster
  • Patients get more and better options for access to care

Stronger Together

Only the best data

We continually collect and validate provider data to identify innovative ways to build, credential, and manage provider networks. Partners like LexisNexis and Prospecta help us deliver value to clients with industry-leading data and analytics.

Beat competing plans to market

Provider credentialing and network enrollment are two sides of the same coin. Health plans need to credential providers, while providers want to treat patients. Partnerships with provider-side enrollment and revenue management firms can solve these twin challenges at the same time.

Working smarter for you

Large healthcare organizations are increasingly undertaking initiatives to eliminate waste and increase efficiency. We’re here to tackle provider network management issues as part of teams spearheaded by BPOs to optimize internal systems for these clients.

Let's Make Healthcare Better Together!


If you’re bringing data, process optimization, and technology to bear on challenges in the healthcare administration sector, we want to talk. Drop us a line and we’ll reach out.

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Find Out How We Can Help

Our suite of services is designed to adapt to your needs. For any step in your provider network management process, we have a solution to help your team achieve greatness. Schedule some time with an andros expert today and find out what we can do for you.

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